The same Sage Energy Cleansing formula as our popular candles in fragrant melts.

Sage Energy Cleansing Melts ( 24 Melts)
Sage Energy Cleansing Melts ( 24 Melts)
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The ancients knew the benefits of burning sage to cleanse the energy in their environments. While we follow this ancient tradition, we don't always have the time to perform an energy cleansing by burning a sage bundle. Use The Positive Shop's Energy Cleansing Sage soy candle melts in between your bundle cleansings to maintain the positive in your home or office.

Our candle artisans have created these soy wax melts with the same sage energy cleansing formula as our popular candles. Enjoy the fresh fragrance of sage.


~ 24 Sage Soy Wax Melts(4 - 6 Packs, Each Cube Measures Approx. 7/8"X7/8"X1")


*** Our Sage Energy Cleansing Melts are pure Sage...No other fragrance or oils are added. This ensures negative energy cleanse maintenance. ***

*** Artisan Crafted *** Hand Poured *** Made in the U.S.A. *** ____________________________________________________________

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