Eliminate the Negative and Accentuate the Positive...burn our Energy Cleansing Sage Scented Candle...

Sage Energy Cleansing Candle (Single)
Sage Energy Cleansing Candle (Single)
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The ancients' remedy for eliminating negative energy and attracting positive energy is still used today; cleansing by burning Sage bundles.

Burn this Sacred Sage scented candle in between your Sage Bundle cleansings. Live, love, work, and play in a positive environment! Makes a thoughtful housewarming gift, too.

Enjoy the fresh fragrance of sage in a natural, cleaner burning premium soy candle.

~ One Sage Candle in Clear Glass Tumbler (Hand Poured, 11oz., Approx.60-80 hrs. burn time, and measures 3” X 3˝ ”) Made in the U.S.A.

~ Cotton Wick; Lead Free

~ Protective Plastic Lid (Remove When Burning Candle)

~ About Energy Cleansing Candle Card

~ Wrapped


*** Our Sage Energy Cleansing Candles are pure Sage...No other fragrance or oils are added. This ensures negative energy cleanse maintenance. ***

*** Artisan Crafted *** Hand Poured *** Made in the U.S.A. *** ____________________________________________________________

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