I want to rant about my sister-in-law.  I mean this girl is so fortunate that my brother is a
professional with a mega salary, because if she had married a blue collar type, like I did, forget
about it!  I don’t think she could have coped with worrying about paying bills, or known the
secret formula for making a dollar out of ninety-nine cents.

She is so materialistic, yet right before she announces her newest purchase, she always says,
“You know I’m not materialistic.  I just make sure I buy good quality and it costs.”  This wouldn’t
be too bad to deal with if it was the extent of her self-appointed superiority.  But she must add
insult to injury by looking down on my possessions.  “You know, for a few dollars more, you
could have bought leather.  Probably not Italian, but anything is better than this vinyl.”  She was
speaking about my leather couch.  If I happen to have something “truly valuable,” she actually
has the nerve to ask me how I could afford it, or worse, ask who gave it to me.  But most of the
time she puts it down.  I’d say something to my brother, but he’s transformed himself into a
rude snob, too.    

When my kids invite their cousins for a sleepover, my sister-in-law drops her girls off with
premium 600 thread count sheets and Egyptian cotton towels.  Yep, my nieces will have some
issues later in life.  My kids?  They’ll probably have issues, too.  Hopefully, the worst of which
will be a need for high quality linens.  I think my nieces are in for some major issues with
looking down upon others with less.  I’ve broken up countless fights because my nieces would
tell my children that they had better toys because they were rich and my kids were poor.  This
did, happily, make sleepovers few and far between.

I did have a last straw moment with my sister-in-law last Thanksgiving.  She sat at my dinner
table, inhaling my food, and began to relate a story about the misfortunes of her housekeeper.  
“And you think you’re poor…”  She said laughing as she finished her tale and my bottle of wine.  
I cut her sentence off on my way to going ballistic and told her that no, I didn’t think I was poor.  
That misconception was solely her own.  I went on to tell her how sick I was of her superior
attitude – which led to my telling her to drop the turkey leg she was so delicately chomping on
and to get her fat rear out of my poor little hovel.  I said a lot of other stupid and cruel things and
basically ruined the holiday for all.  I called to apologize the next day, but the one thing about
shooting your mouth off is that you cannot take the ugly words back.  My sister-in-law refused to
speak to me.  

I’ve been angry with her forever.  I realize I shouldn’t have gotten caught up in her bragging.  
That’s who she is and it’s probably due to some giant hole she has within herself.  And all the
stuff in the world is not going to fill it up.  I’ve read a lot of these rant and release columns and I
know getting rid of the anger and resentment is important, so I’m letting it all go.  I forgive you C
and I forgive me, too.
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