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Hematite; The Stone of Protection and Clarity of Thought
Hematite Puffed Heart Necklace
& Quartz Crystal Bracelet Set
Item # PEHH   Hematite Puffed Heart Necklace and Clear Crystal Quartz Bracelet Set

The protective energies of Hematite have been used since ancient Egyptian and Roman
times; and most likely, had records been kept, even earlier times.  The Egyptians placed
Hematite in their protective amulets and the Romans were so fierce in their belief of the
powers of Hematite against the "evil eye" that they inlaid the stone in their armor.  Today
we continue to wear Hematite, as a protective stone, as it is known to transform and even
reverse any negativity directed at the wearer...returning it to the sender.  Hematite is also
known as the "Lawyer's Stone" due to the clarity of thought and positive judgments it
brings to decision making and specifically legal activities.

Clear Crystal Quartz is said to both harmonize and align human energies with the positive
rhythm of the universe.  It is recognized as the "Stone of Power."  Ancient priests used
quartz crystals to render negative energy impotent.  

About This Collection:

The beautiful shine and smooth luster of the gray Hematite stone has been captured in
this chunky puffed heart necklace with chipped Hematite stones and silvertone bead
stations.  The feminine Clear Quartz chipped stone stretch bracelet has silvertone bead

Attributed Benefits: Protection from the Negativity of Others, Protection from the Evil Eye

Set Includes:

~  Puffed Heart Hematite Necklace (17" with Barrel Clasp)

~  Crystal Quartz Stretch Bracelet (Fits up to a 7 ¼ " wrist)

~  2 Gray Velveteen Jewelry Storage Pouches

Bonus! Hematite Tube Bead Necklace Extender (3½" with Barrel Clasp; Will increase
necklace length to Approx. 20½  or 21½" depending on original necklace length)

Bonus! Hand Carved Floral Jewelry Box (Wood, 4" X 6")

~  Hematite & Crystal Quartz Story Card
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Secure Screw Barrel Clasp

Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry with Benefits!
Beautiful jewelry made from natural stones which enhance
the wearer with their beneficial energies.
Hand Carved
Wood Jewelry Box
4" X 6"
Plus 3½" Hematite
Necklace Extender
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3½" Necklace Extender
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