Class Reunion
by Rebecca Childs
I have a great story about taking a negative and turning it into a positive!  For my tenth high school
reunion I went to great lengths to ensure that I would impress all my former classmates.  You
see, as a kid, I belonged to the low, lower middle class and thanks to a crazy division of town
properties, I was placed in a school with well to do kids.  My parents thought this would be to my
benefit, but I always felt like the poor slob around these designer clad kids.  My wardrobe was
limited, to say the least.  Anyway, I saw the reunion as my chance to lord it over the others.  To
show them that I had made it!

I spent a fortune on a drop dead, gorgeous dress, shoes, bag and coat.  Yes, of course,
designer.  I even arranged to borrow my cousin’s car, a brand new BMW!  She had done well for
herself and didn’t mind sharing.  My plans were all set.  I was going to wow the crowd on entrance
and exit.  I even thought I’d linger in the parking lot a bit to make sure people saw what car I
arrived in.   

The morning of the reunion my cousin called to say that she was so sorry, but she needed her
car.  She had to go get a deposition from someone and she couldn’t take my beat up Ford.  I
couldn’t blame her either.  I had been looking for a new car, but I was being pretty picky about my
next purchase.  Well, there I was in a panic.  No one was able to lend me a car on such short
notice.  I was going to have to park in the back of the lot and pray that no one saw me.

Can you imagine my horror when I arrived to a line of cars waiting for valet parking?!  There I was
in my wreck amidst an assortment of luxury and high end sports cars.  Ten years had passed and
now, instead of my wardrobe being pitiful, my car was.  I wanted to turn the car around and park
elsewhere, but I was locked into the line.  I cursed silently as a young man opened my car door
and handed me my ticket.  I turned to find a bunch of my fellow alums, smiling too wide smiles at
me.  I was mortified!

I quickly ran a string of comments I could make through my head, “Would you believe that was a
loaner from my Mercedes dealer?”  “Oh, my brother just begged me to loan him my BMW for his
honeymoon trip!  How could I refuse?”  I know.  I was being ridiculous.  Then and there I decided
to stop acting like an idiot.  I had made a good life for myself.  I was in a career that I was both
successful and happy in.  And it was because of buying that wrecked Ford that I was able to
quickly pay off all my school loans.  

Once I relaxed and showed my true face to the crowd, I had a wonderful time.  But there is more to
this story.  At the end of the evening, the parking attendant informed me that my car wouldn’t start.  
After much to do, with various reunion goers trying to size up the problem, a very handsome waiter
appeared and announced that the engine had seized and called for a tow truck.  Well, I thought he
was a waiter because of his tuxedo.  Funny thing is that he owned the catering hall and offered to
give me a lift home.  We’ve been married for ten years now!  

Never let things that go wrong upset you.  I have learned that there is a reason for everything, even
the negative!  That beat up Ford was a negative turned into a marvelous positive!!     
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