~ 100% Pure Dead Sea Mineral Salts From Israel, Large 2 LB. Tub ~ Soothe and heal tired joints and detoxify and soften your skin ~

Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts
Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts
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Since ancient times people from around the world have traveled to the Dead Sea to benefit from its remarkable healing powers. Our Dead Sea Salts are imported from Israel for you to enjoy in your own private mineral bath soak.

Healing Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts help soften bath water, increase circulation and extract toxins while softening and soothing your skin with its high mineral content. Includes ˝ oz. scoop. Premium Fine Grain, 2 Lb. Tub.

Benefits of a Dead Sea Bath Salts 20 Minute Therapeutic Soak:

~ Helps to draw out impurities in the skin.

~ Heal and soothe skin.

~ Relax tense muscles and joints.

~ Unwind and simply...Be.


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