How to Create a Vision Board by Lauren Quinn

Create A Vision Board
What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of images and/or writings that you attach to a poster board. These images and/or writings may represent anything and everything from what you want to be, achieve, purchase, or where you would like to live, travel to, etc. The vision board is only limited by your imagination.

The idea of creating a vision board is to help you maintain a focus on your goals for the future. Its purpose is to activate the law of attraction by drawing things from the world that will enable you to realize your dreams. This is achieved with the use of pictures and writings that you feel a strong connection to. When you can passionately visualize yourself having, or accomplishing these things, you will be able to manifest them into your life.

Your Vision Board is a Process

My first vision board was a testament to the material girl. I had spent hours happily clipping and pasting pictures to my board of expensive jewelry, cars, designer clothes, and a penthouse in Manhattan…and oh, an Adonis with a face and body that left me breathless. I placed my poster board of bling , ka-ching and fling over my desk, so that when my eyes drifted from my computer screen they would fall upon the sight of my dazzling future. It took about a week for me to realize that this board had nothing to do with who I am. Sure, having a killer wardrobe and living the high life with a to-die-for- model type sounds like the ultimate, but I realized my true desire was for simple happiness, and for a man who wasn’t prettier than me.

I began my next vision board with careful thought. What did I want in my life that would make me content and happy? What would bring me joy and fulfillment? The answers to these and other questions like them were the images pasted to my new board. I’ll share a few of the pictures from my board; a lovely home with a beautiful garden, children laughing, a picture of me doing yoga, the image of a doctor saying, “You’re in excellent health!”, another of me accepting the Pulitzer...and a photo of a guy in a flannel shirt with a gorgeous smile (I just know he’s in possession of a wonderful sense of humor).

This new board rings true for me. It is a collection of things that I can easily see in my life, things that I am comfortable with, and things that I now see manifesting. As time passes, I find I remove some things and add others. The vision board is a process just like life itself. Give your board some careful consideration and be prepared for the alterations you will make. You will probably surprise yourself when you discover your true desires.

Supplies to Create Your Vision Board

- A Poster Board or A Piece of Large Cardboard

- Magazines, Newspapers, and Scissors

- The Internet; perform a Yahoo! or Google Image Search for pictures you can't find in print media.

- Glue Stick, Tape or Push Pins

- And Remember To Embrace The Positive!

Place your vision board in an area where it can be seen all the time. The more you see the wonderful things in your future the better. Now, if you are shy about your board you can keep it under your bed, or in a closet, but please remember to take it out everyday and focus on it for a few minutes.

Happy manifesting!