Live, Love, Work, and Play in a Positive Environment. Cleanse your space with authentic Sacred Sage...

California White Sage Bundles (8)
California White Sage Bundles (8)
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The ancients used the burning of White Sage (Sacred Sage) to rid their environments of the harmful presence of negative energies. Every person and object you encounter passes its energy onto you, your home, and place of business, be it negative or positive. This simple, yet powerful, way to cleanse the energy field within your home (or business) will aid in attracting desirable positive energies. Cleanse and purify. (Product is Not for Human Consumption)

Our White Sage is grown and gathered by those who revere both this sacred plant and Mother Earth, as is traditional...and positive.

Note: We strongly recommend, for those unfamiliar with sage energy cleansing, the purchase of the complete cleansing set with tools and instruction booklet; The Positive Home set.

Fill your space with positive energy. Live, love, work, and play in a positive environment! This premium California White Sage is hand tied.

~ 8 Premium California White Sage Bundles (Approx. 3˝"- 4" each)

~ California white Sage Story Card


*** Our California White Sage is grown and hand bundled in the U.S.A. *** ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

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