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This is a lovely sympathy gift that can also be
used as a remembrance of a loved one
on the anniversary of their passing.  
The memorial pillar includes
a keepsake Sterling Silver Angel pendant.
This is a beautiful heartwarming sympathy
gift.  The set provides loving support through
Marianne Richmond’s book, The Gift of a
Memory.  This book with its tender prose
and lovely artwork has been called,
“A hug for the healing heart.”
Sympathy ~ Memorial ~ Remembrance Gifts
Sterling Angel Light Candles TM
Sterling Angel Memorial Candle
Colors of Love TM
Sterling Angel Lights
This Unique Wedding Candle
Set not only Glows...but
Upon the Happy Couple...
The Celebration of Love Wedding Candle ~ Engagement  ~ Vow Renewal
A Perfect Bridal Shower or Rehearsal Dinner Centerpiece.
Learn the Legend of the Braid.  This old
world custom is back to be enjoyed by
modern brides today...
Both Reflections and
Remembrance Collections
include Keepsake Sterling Silver
Angel Charm.
Includes Keepsake
Sterling Silver Angel
Pendant and
Blessings Braid.
Blessings of the Angels Baptism or Adoption Birth Candles
Angel Blessings Christening Candle Set
This beautiful boxed christening gift set
will be cherished throughout the years.
The tall 3' X 9" white pillar candle is
elegantly presented with a lovely
decorated label which will include
baby's name, date of Christening and
place of Christening...
Adoption Lighting Ceremony Candle
This beautiful boxed gift set will be cherished
throughout the years.  A perfect centerpiece
for an Adoption Lighting Ceremony or Baby
Naming Day Celebration. The tall 3' X 9"
white pillar candle is elegantly presented
with a lovely personalized label.  
All candle sets
include keepsake
Pendant and pillar
holder with candle
Regular Price: $54.99
Regular Price: $49.99
Regular Price: $49.99
Regular Price: $69.99
Regular Price: $49.99
Personalized Candles
Sympathy Paw TM Pet Memorial Candle Gift Set
Those who grieve for a pet must say good-bye
to a member of the family who granted them
unconditional love.  Express your understanding
of their loss with our beautiful, personalized
Pet Sympathy Candle Gift Set with
Keepsake Pewter Paw Charm.
Regular Price: $34.99
Keepsake Pewter
Paw Charm
To Place a Phone Order Please Call Toll Free 1-866-823-0210
All Custom Candles are
beautifully gift boxed and tied
with green grosgrain ribbon
Personalized Birthday Pillar Candle
Elegant Candle Set for that 40th, 50th, 60th,
70th, 80th, 90th...Or Any Other Milestone Birthday
You Wish to Celebrate!  
Personalize and choose your custom design...
Regular Price: $39.99
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Reflections: Bereavement Support &
Memorial Candle Set
for Teens and Young Adults
Other Custom Candles
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Sterling Angel LightsTM

Wherever family and friends gather to celebrate, to
honor, or to remember; Sterling Angel Lights
remain a perfect reflection of the love flowing there.

Sterling Angel LightsTM beautiful, personalized
centerpieces for your special occasions.
All Sterling Angel Lights
TM include a keepsake
sterling silver angel pendant.
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