Therapeutic Soakstm
Authentic Dead Sea Bath Salts (32 oz.)
100% pure Dead Sea Mineral
Salts from Israel, these bath salts help
soften bath water, increase circulation and
extract toxins while...

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Energy Cleansing Sage Soap 3 Pack
Our handmade energy cleansing sage soap contains
nourishing Goat's Milk & Olive Oil to smooth
and pamper your skin and...
Regular Price $24.99
Natural Sage Energy Cleansing Personal Care Products
Positively Pure Energy: Sage Cleansing
Bath & Shower Collection
This is the ultimate in an energy cleansing personal care
set.  Enjoy the energy cleansing effects of real Sage
blended with the healing and...
Regular Price: $34.99
Energy Cleansing Sage Bath Salts 2 Pack
Enjoy the energy cleansing effects of Sage hand
blended with the healing and soothing properties of fine
sea salts in our  aromatherapeutic herbal bath salts...
Regular Price $34.99
Therapeutic Soakstm
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Therapeutic Soakstm
Authentic Pink Himalayan Salts (32 oz.)
Our authentic Himalayan salt is naturally rich
in eighty-four nourishing and
skin-replenishing minerals, bathing with
Himalayan Pink bath salt is a soothing...
Regular Price:  $24.99
Authentic Dead Sea Mud Soap 3 Pack
Our handmade Dead Sea Mu\d soap contains
authentic Dead Sea Mud from Israel to purify
and pamper your skin and...
Regular Price $24.99
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Sage Silk Hand & Body Lotion
This luxurious lotion is rich with natural plant
emollients which soothes, nourishes, and
moisturizes even dry and sensitive skin.  Sage
Essential Oil  blended with Cochin Grass and
Vetiver Essential Oils offers a clean, slightly
spicy, invigorating aromatherapy experience.   
Regular Price $19.99
Sage Aura Cleansing
Bath Collection
Regular Price: $59.99
Embrace the energy cleansing power of
Sage in our Sage Bath Collection. This set
offers a positively pampered bath experience.

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