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The Peace of Meditation…

Daily meditation is an important element in living a positive lifestyle.  In the peace of morning,
it is a mind clearing, positive start to the possibilities that await you.  In the evening, after a
long busy day, it is a natural stress reliever.  No need to use the crutch of drugs or alcohol,
which only produces a temporary solution to stress.  To medicate only masks the problems
that will be right back in your face when the protective mask has worn off.  Meditation grants
you focus and clarity, so you may go within and find the answers you need to resolve or
release the cause of stress.  It also serves as a cleansing method for any negative energy
that might have latched onto you, during the course of your day.  

A lot of people have this idea that meditation involves sitting on a pillow, with legs twisted into
some torturous pose, while chanting one, seemingly, meaningless syllable.  Yes, you can sit
in a Lotus position if you have the flexibility of one who practices yoga, and you can
chant…what are very meaningful syllables, if this is your learned method of meditating.  But if
not, you can simply sit any way you wish.  There are no rules to meditation.  The aim is to be
in a relaxed position and just
Be in silence.  There are many meditation programs available
in the marketplace today (
The Positive Journey, being one).  A good meditation program will
guide you into a healthy daily practice.  The benefits are enormous.  

I’ve been meditating on a daily basis for many years.  It is a wonderful practice to start.  I find it
to be healthful to my body, mind and spirit.  For my body it provides a time for healing and
recharging.  I find I am rarely ill.  It is also said that meditation keeps you young.  I should
think this information alone would be reason enough to get more people to practice it!  
Meditation eases my mind and clears away the cobwebs.  I find I function on a higher level.  I
am also less frazzled by upsets that may occur.  The impact on my spirit is simply a beautiful
sense of wellbeing and peace.  Meditation also holds a deeper meaning to me as it is
another way I connect to God.  Besides prayer, meditation allows me to go within and give
thanks for all the blessings I receive.   

Begin a daily meditation practice and do something as beneficial as exercise for yourself.  
You will be clear, calm and focused…and perhaps, younger.  This is a path to peace.

Editor’s Note: If you are using prescription medication, please consult with your physician
before curtailing its use.  Never make a change in medication without first consulting your
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The Constant Truth
By Dina Constant
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