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At Embrace The Positive, LLC, we are committed to giving you excellent service. As part of that commitment,
we gather information about our customers and website visitors so we can better serve you. Your privacy is
important to us.  You can be assured that we respect the confidentiality of personal information that identifies
you and treat that information responsibly. As described in this Privacy Statement, we do not authorize the
selling or renting of your personal information to third parties for their business purposes.

By using our site, you accept the practices that are described in this privacy statement, which is effective as
of February 1, 2007, and is part of the General Terms and Conditions governing use of this site. We may
change or add to this statement from time to time. When that happens, we will post the revised statement
here. Your use of our site after changes to this privacy statement have been made constitutes acceptance of
those changes going forward.

Embrace The Positive, LLC is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of the websites from which
you access our site, sites we link to, or of any sites that are linked to our site.

This privacy statement tells you what kinds of customer information we collect and how we use that

The Personal Information We Collect About Our Customers:

Customer information is gathered so we can better serve you, and we make reasonable efforts to insure the
security of your personal information and to treat that information responsibly. We collect the personal
information that our customers give us when they choose to purchase a product from The Positive Shop,
submissions to Share Your Wisdom!, registered participation in  The Soul Mate Study or other use our site.
For example, when you register with Embracethepositive.com we will ask you to provide your name, e-mail
address, physical address and telephone number. If you purchase a product, we will also ask you for
financial information such as your credit card number and a shipping address. Registration with
Embracethepositive.com is required to make a purchase with us or to participate in promotions for
submitted and published poems, questions, responses or stories for our various columns.  Similarly, we
will ask you for contact information if you request that Embracethepositive.com send you promotional notices
or seek information or assistance from us.

Other Customer Information That We Collect:

If you ask us to ship a purchase to somebody else, we will ask you for the name and address of the person
to whom you are sending the purchase to, as well as your name and contact information.

If you are recommending a product to someone, we will request that person’s email, along with your name
and email address.

Our system also keeps track of which browser and Internet Provider (IP) you use to access our site. In
addition, to help us understand the use of our site by our visitors and improve your shopping experience, we
automatically collect information as to how you were directed to the site, how you navigate around it and what
products you browse, as well as your purchasing activities.

How We Collect This Information:

When you register with Embracethepositive.com, we compile the personal information you give us about
yourself into an individual profile. We add other personal information about you to that profile as you give it to
us. We also collect information about your purchases and other uses of our site as they are made.


Cookies are pieces of text that allow a website to store on your own computer an identification code
associated with you which can later be retrieved and associated with your visit to the site. Session cookies
terminate shortly after you close your Internet browser. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard drive until
they expire or are deleted. Both types of cookies enhance our ability to serve you by recalling information
about you such as your password, shopping preferences and shopping cart. This saves you time on your
next visit to our site and personalizes your shopping experience.

We understand that not everyone wants to permit the use of cookies. The Help portion of the toolbar on most
browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting cookies and how to disable cookies, but
we recommend that you leave cookies turned on so that you can take full advantage of the shopping features
available on our site.

Web Beacons:

Web beacons are small, transparent graphics that are placed on web pages to track how visitors arrive at a
site and what they do there. We use web beacons to track customers’ browsing activities at our website and
to compile sales and statistical data. For example, beacons let us know when a purchase is initiated by an
advertisement we placed on a third party’s website. This information assists us in managing our site and
enhancing your shopping experience.

Visitors Need Not Provide Personal Information:

Personal information is not required to access or navigate around the site. However, you will be asked to
register and provide personal information if you want to make a purchase or submit writing contributions to
our columns or pages. Personal information is also required to request information or assistance from us.

If A Visitor Doesn’t Want To Give Personal Information Over The Internet:

If you feel uncomfortable providing your personal information over the internet, we are sorry, as we are
unable to process orders via telephone or mail, at this time.  However, you may mail poems, columns and
other pertinent writing submissions to us.

Customer’s Personal Information Protection:

The Embracethepositive.com store, The Positive Shop, has a Yahoo! Merchant's checkout with 128 Bit
Encryption that provides credit card transactions that are private and secure.  All of your personal information
is encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software when it is transmitted to us via the web.  We also
truncate your credit card number to the last four digits when we communicate with you about your order.   

How Customer Information Is Used:

We use your personal information to process your orders. This includes for example, contacting you to
confirm your order, fulfilling the order and shipping it. We may also contact you if we want to communicate
with you about your order.

Additionally, we will use your contact information to send you promotional notices, or to respond to requests
for information or assistance from you.

We may also use your personal information to improve our service to you and for other business purposes.
For example, we periodically review customer information as part of servicing our accounts. We may also
contact you from time to time to inform you of the services that we offer and to gather information about how
we can improve them.

Finally, we analyze information we obtain from cookies and web beacons concerning our customers’ access
and navigation of our site and their browsing and purchasing activities to improve our services and enhance
our customers’ shopping experiences.

Third Parties To Your Personal Information:

In order to process your orders and requests, we make your name, address, and sometimes your e-mail
address or telephone number available to other entities such as credit card companies and package
delivery services (for example, Visa, Mastercard, UPS, and USPS).

We may use third party agents, consultants and contractors to perform business functions on our behalf,
including customer service, account servicing, customer research, marketing, provision of IT services and
records maintenance. We give these entities access to our customers’ personal information to perform
these functions for us and do not authorize them to use that information for any other purpose.

It is possible that Embrace The Positive, LLC or part of its business may be acquired by another business
entity and your personal information could be among the assets transferred. If this occurs, you will be
notified of the change by e-mail or notice on this site.

We reserve the right to share personal information about you with our affiliates in the course of our business
operations. We also reserve the right to share personal information about you as required by law or in
cooperation with legal authorities and to enforce the General Terms and Conditions governing use of this
site or to protect the rights, property, or safety of Embracethepositive.com and its customers.

Other Customer Information Shared:

We may share non-personal non-individually identifiable (aggregate) information about our customers with
the group of people with whom we share personal information, as well as with other third parties such as
vendors, advertisers and marketing firms.

Children On Our Site:

Our site is not intended for use by children, and our General Terms and Conditions require that you must be
at least 18 years old to use the site. In addition, we do not solicit or collect information from anyone who tells
us that he or she is under 18 years of age.

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