Item # 801PJ  The Positive Journey Meditation Set

An attitude of gratitude brings abundance and blessings into our lives!

Wonderful things occur when you begin to take note of all the good in your life.  You
attract more of the same!  However, this universal law also works in the opposite, if
you tend to focus on negatives.  We have the power within to manifest our reality for
good or ill.  Which do you choose?  What do your thoughts dwell on?    

A gratitude journal is the perfect way to highlight the positives in your world, as is the
daily practice of meditation, which further enhances a beneficial connection to your
environment...and the joy in it.  Create your quiet, sacred space and allow these tools
to help you realize the power within.   

" you may attract the peace and abundance you seek." - Dina Constant

Modern New Thought teacher,  Dina Constant's Positive Journey guide is your Free
Gift with this set!  

Set includes:

  •    Bonus! Dina Constant’s The Positive Journey™ Guide
  •    Antiqued Journal/160 Lined Pages (Faux Leather, Magnetic Flap Closure,    

  •    Frosted Glass Eternal Flame Candle Holder (5” X 2”)
  •    Clear Cup Flower Tea Lights (1 dz., Unscented, Lead Free Wicks)
  •    Premium, Energy Cleansing Sage Incense (50 sticks, 11")
  •    Black Wooden Incense Ash Catcher
  •    Satin Brass Renaissance Style Candle Snuffer (6 ¾”)
The Positive Journey Meditation Set w/ Bonus
The Positive Journey
The Positive Journey Meditation Set
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Awaken and Manifest Your Peace and Abundance...
Dina Constant's Positive Journey Guide
is Your Free Gift!
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