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My sister is an inspiration to me.  Divorced a several years back from a man who was
cruel and abusive, she found the strength to escape her miserable marriage with four
kids in tow.  She stayed with my parents for about a two and a half years, while she
got her life back in order.  And thank God for their support, but she’s the one who
made things happen.

Kim worked during the day and took business courses at the community college in the
evenings.  She graduated with a degree in business administration and worked her
way into an excellent position with a software company.  She also put a down payment
on a small house with her share of the proceeds from the sale of the marital
home…ex-hubby bought himself a Corvette and joined the legions of dead beat dads
out there.

I so admire my sister Kim for all she accomplished on her own.  It took time but she did
it.  I don’t know if I would have been able to dive into life the way she did and still
manage to be available to four children.  She is a wonderful mother and her happy
children will attest to that.  The kids have taken on some new responsibilities around
the house and with each other, but they say they love the new quiet house, as they
call it.

It’s wonderful to see everyone doing so well.  My sister is a true Shero in my eyes!  Go

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My Sister, My Shero
by Susan Gerradi
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