Positive Green Living
Treat the Earth well: It was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
- Native American Proverb
Like most of you, we are striving to be kinder to the Earth.  
No, it will not be achieved overnight, but we are taking the first steps forward.  
We feel respect for the planet is primary to human survival.
Positive Green Living Tips
1)  Replace your standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.  For each
replaced light bulb you save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into
the atmosphere.  FYI: These bulbs shed a beautiful light!
2)  Recycle whatever you can!  Create recycling bins in your home and office for
paper, plastics and cans.  
3)  Rethink the use of your car; drive less and walk more!  Your heart and body will
love you for it.  Remember to carpool whenever you are able, too.  Oh, and don't
forget that bicycle collecting dust in the garage...use it.  Save money, the
environment and pounds!
4)  Maintain the proper air pressure in your tires.  This simple task decreases carbon
dioxide emissions and saves you cash on gas.
5)  We use a lot of energy heating hot water.  Find ways to use less.  Cut your shower
time down and use cold water to do laundry.  Save energy by line drying clothes.
6)  Reduce water consumption.  Install low flow shower heads, take shorter showers
and don't run water while brushing your teeth.  Use the dishwasher only when it is full.
7)  Adjust your thermostat.  You can save 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year by
moving your thermostat up or down only 2 degrees with the seasons.  Place weather
stripping on all doors and windows, and properly insulate walls and ceilings.
8)  Unplug or turn off electronic equipment.  Save carbon dioxide by turning off and
unplugging your TV, Stereo, DVD player, etc., when not in use.
9)  Reduce garbage.  Reuse, donate and rethink new purchases.  You can save 1200
pounds of carbon dioxide if you reduce garbage by 10%.
10)  Plant a tree!  Trees take in carbon dioxide.

Do you have a Green Living Tip to share?
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11)  Eliminate junk mail.  Each year, 100 million trees' worth of direct mail is sent to
U.S. homes, and about 5.8 million tons of it ends up in dumps, according to the
advocacy group the Center for a New American Dream.  
The production and destruction of direct mail consumes more energy than 3 million
cars.  Go online to junk your junk mail:  
13)  Reuse bags from the supermarket...or better, yet, get the cloth totes and use
them in place of plastic or paper bags.  (Submitted by Bipstar)
14)  Don't use your large oven to cook a small meal.  Use the toaster oven or
microwave instead.  (Submitted by Bipstar)
15)  Only buy Star Energy Saving appliances.  (Submitted by Bipstar)
16)  I see you mentioned low-flow shower heads, but don't forget about Installing
good low-flow faucets.  They provide equal or better performance than conventional
fixtures and save water and energy at the same time.  Some even come equipped
with a sensor that turns the water on and off when it detects hands beneath it.  Think
how much water would be saved while brushing your teeth or washing your face.  
(Submitted by Diane Cuomo.)
Come share your wisdom...or take some of ours!
17) Use the prepaid mailers that companies like HP, and Lexmark, provide  for
recycling printer cartridges.  They come with every new cartridge!  (Submitted by Ed
19) Do not purchase water in plastic bottles.  Keep a water filter pitcher in your
refrigerator instead and fill a reusable water bottle when out.  This cuts down on the
zillions of plastic bottles equivalent to more than 17 Million barrels of oil a year (not
including transportation).  The energy used for manufacturing, transporting, cooling,
recovering, and recycling is equal to filling each bottle a quarter full with oil, or over
49 million barrels of oil a year. (Submitted by EarthOne)   
21) Maintain your car.  Tune-ups and proper tire pressure can save 1,500 pounds
of carbon a year.  ( Eric, NY)
20) Buy a fuel efficient car.  The U.S. Federal Government offers a tax credit for the
purchase of a hybrid automobile.  And no, they don't have to be plugged in.  They
convert the power from gasoline into electricity that is stored in the battery and used
as needed, saving 2,000 to 10,000 pounds of carbon a year. (Submitted by Jerry M.)
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Positive Moments
22) When redecorating think garage sale!  That's right, recycled furniture and home
accessories.  Easy on the earth and your wallet!  (Submitted by Caroline K.)
24) We limit the use of paper napkins and paper towels in our home.  We use cloth
napkins during meals, and for cleaning purposes we recycle old clothes as rags,
and make use of dish towels in the kitchen.  We are saving a lot of money - and
trees.  (Submitted by Angela D., AZ)
25) Save a tree: print only when necessary, and narrow your word processor
margins to save hundreds of pieces of paper each year.  (Submitted by Audrey B.)
26) Replacing one roll of conventional toilet paper with a 100% recycled roll in each
U.S. household would save 423,900 trees.  (Submitted by Breeze, PA)
27) Get rid of Junk Mail by signing the Forest Ethic's petition to Congress to enact a
Do Not Mail Registry.  Go to
forestethics.org    Submitted by Marcia Kennedy
12)  Open the door on the dishwasher when the wash cycle is done to allow dishes to
air dry.  (Submitted by Bipstar)
18) Stop air leaks by sealing gaps around windows and doors with caulk and weather
stripping.  This saves energy and money!  (Submitted by Carol, NJ)
23) As I cleaned out my closet a tip came to mind...Take all those pesky wire
hangers back to the dry cleaners.  They accept them an reuse them.  (Submitted by
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