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About The Positive Shop...
"We respect all life paths that do no harm."

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Positive Moments
Tea-For-One Collection with Herbal Teas and
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Modern Zen Garden
The founders of Embrace The Positive seek to provide a caring community with a positive forum in
which there are no so called,
“Experts.”   Instead, you will find people, like yourself, teaching from their
own personal experiences and learning from yours.  We are, all of us, both teachers and students as
we travel along our life paths.
Our customers are our priority.  When you place an order with The Positive Shop we want you to be so
delighted with your purchases that you will return to us.  And we have another motive, we want you to
refer your family and friends to us.  Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!       

The Positive Shop  offers our community an opportunity to purchase an assortment of high quality
products to enrich their lives, and those of their loved ones and friends.
The Positive Shop offers a selection of inspiring and unique gifts.  We test all products and hold them
to a high quality control standard.  Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!  See
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The Positive Shop is known for paying attention to detail, many of our Shop Collections arrive hand
wrapped in tissue paper and are presented in our impressive signature box, with satin ribbon, and
are accompanied by one of our embossed gift cards (with envelope).  

Gifts Delivered With Wisdom...  *Most Positive Shop purchases include a Wisdom Card.  What is a
Wisdom Card?  A Wisdom Card shares a famous quote to inspire or empower.  
    *Excludes Sympathy Gifts
Live, love, work, and play in a positive environment...
Attract Positive Energy Into Your Space.

Embrace The Positive, LLC was founded in 2004.  Our intention is to provide our readers with a
platform to exchange messages of support and share stories of inspiration, wisdom and

What’s in a name?  The company name, Embrace The Positive, represents our philosophy for living a
positive lifestyle, and how doing so attracts joy and abundance into one’s life.  Ours is a spiritual and
philosophical path not a religious one.  Yet, our philosophy goes hand in hand with the world's major
religions.  We believe it all comes down to

We have studied philosophy, psychology, religions, and various metaphysical subjects in our search
for enlightenment and life happiness.  During our research, we noted four important themes that were
common in all.  These four principles are a daily connection to God (or your spiritual source),
gratitude expression, practicing forgiveness, and the habitual use of positive words, thoughts, and
behaviors.  We embraced these
* four principles, and put them into practice on a daily basis, and
happily discovered that we attracted positive energy and the abundant gifts it brings.  Life is good and
we want to share our experiences on this positive path.  It's all about applying
Modern New Thought;
positive thinking and the law of attraction to life.  It's about...claiming your happiness.
Our Story…
Our Mission Statement is Simple…
* Learning how to live these four principles can be found in Dina Constant's  The Positive JourneyTM
guide, which is included in our
Positive Meditation Set in The Positive Shop.  Be sure to read Dina
Constant's column;
The Constant Truth, every month for more on Modern New Thought.
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