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Energy Cleansing Sage Herbal Bath Salts (2 Pack)
Soak, Soothe and Heal...
821sslt  Energy Cleansing Sage Aromatherapeutic Herbal Bath Salts (2 Pack)

Another Positive Shop exclusive in energy cleansing personal care!  Surround yourself
in the fresh, clean scent of Sage.  Enjoy the energy cleansing effects of Sage hand
blended with the healing and soothing properties of fine sea salts in our  
aromatherapeutic herbal bath salts.  Soak, soothe and heal...  

These artisan crafted salts were specifically designed to accentuate the positive and
soothe your skin, as well as your spirit.  Both men and women enjoy our aura
cleansing Sage Bath Salts!  

Artisan Crafted

Hand Blended

Natural Sea Salts

Natural Sage
~  Hand Blended Energy Cleansing Sage Aromatherapeutic Herbal Bath Salts : Bath
Salts Scoop and reusable Muslin Bag ( to create a bath bag) is included. (2 Jars; Net
Weight 16 oz each)
Bath Salts Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sage, Essential Oil of Clary Sage
Made in the U.S.A

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