Black Sage Bundles
Item # 807PM   Black Sage Bundles - Mugwort

Black Sage; also known as Mugwort was an important tool for the ancients for its
ability to cleanse negative energy (and rid them of unwelcome spirits) and to, also, act
as a dream enhancer.  Still used today as an energy cleanser, when used in
smudging or hung over a threshold.  It is especially revered for its ability to stimulate
latent prophetic abilities, while meditating; and it is said to increase dream recall, as
well as to open the dreamer's mind to prophetic dreams when placed under a
sleeper's pillow.  (This Product is Not for Human Consumption)

~  4" Black Sage Bundles (Package of 3)
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The ancients used Black Sage, also known as Mugwort,
to repel negative energies, as well as negative spirits.  
Black Sage was especially revered for its power to open
the mind to prophetic dreams.
Black Sage - Mugwort
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