Energy Cleansing Organic Sacred Sage Water (2 Pack)
Item # 806PP    Organic Sacred Sage Water (2 Pack)

There are times when burning a sage bundle isn't convenient (your car) or
appropriate (your office or while traveling).  Our Organic Sacred Sage Water
mister is the perfect solution.  Our sage water is a true floral water made
from organic sage plants.  The aroma of this sage water is mild and subtle;
yet remains a perfect personal energy cleanser.  Spray the air in your
environment to rid the area of negative energies or mist your body for a
quick aura cleansing.  Twin pack; one for home and one for the office!

~  2 Sacred Sage Mister Bottles (4 fl. oz. each, Amber Glass)
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When burning a sage bundle isn't appropriate or
convenient...Energy Cleanse with our
Organic Sacred Sage Water; Liquid Sage...
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Energy Cleansing Sacred Sage Water (2 Pack)
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