Children's Art Drum Kit
Item# 802PB    Child's Art Drum Kit

Indulge a child's creative play with our wonderful Art Drum Kit. This kit will inspire
the imagination, as both an art project, as well as an opportunity for music play.

We have included a colorful selection of fine point Sharpies® markers in this set,
so the child may personalize his/her drum with vibrant images or words.  Boxed
Set, Recommended Age 8 and Up.

Boxed Set Includes:  
Child's Art Drum Set
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All Rights Reserved
~  7½" Drum Stick (White Plastic)
~  Sharpies© Markers 8 Pack: Includes one black, brown, yellow, green,
orange, blue, red and purple (Sharpie Ink is water resistant)
Indulge a Child's Creative Play with
Both Art and Music
The Positive Shop
Decorated Art
Drum Not
Included; Shown
as example only.
Wire Snares In
Back of Drum Head
~  7" Wood Frame Drum with 3¼"  Red Plastic Handle.
(NOTE: Due to the natural material used for the drum head;
discolorations and areas of transparency are typical)

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