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    You have arrived!  Welcome to the ezine dedicated to a positive life journey through
    the philosophy of Modern New Thought; which is the practice of positive thinking and the law
    of attraction.  It's all about your peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony, humor, bliss,
    blessings and abundance!  Take off your shoes, pour yourself a cup of tea, or a glass of
    wine and sit awhile.  Enjoy our columns, share your wisdom, or scroll through our unique
    gift store,  The Positive Shop.  This site was created with you in mind, and you are always
    welcome here.

    Ask Miz Guided:
    This advice column is about as eccentric as its author.  In this space our resident psychic,
    medium, and astrologer, Miz Guided, responds to questions asked by our readers.    

    erase the negative ♥ Embrace The Positive:  
    Readers share their stories about turning bad situations around and creating something

    My Inspiration:  
    Here readers share a few words about the person, people, or particular situations that have
    inspired them.

    rant & Release:  
    One of the four principles in attracting positive energy is to practice forgiveness.  This
    column is a platform for purging the negative emotions we hold for those who have
    wronged us.  Take back your power, forgive and move on to a better life, and the best you!  

    Ask The Community:
    This page is where readers share their wisdom to uplift and empower another.  Every other
    week one reader’s question is selected for the community to respond to.  

    Share Your Wisdom:
    This is where you submit a column,  Ask Miz Guided or Ask The Community a question or
    respond to one!  Be our next monthly winner of a Sterling Silver Wise Owl Pendant!      

    The Positive Page:
    Readers share their peace, love, harmony, happiness, humor, bliss, and blessings in their
    original poetry!  And our staff shares their positive photos and favorite quotes.    

    Attract Your Soul Mate:
    How do you attract your soul mate?  Using journaling and visualization, we show you how
    you could attract your soul mate into your life.

    A Positive Hand:
    We wish to offer a connection to anyone dealing with a specific crisis.  Here you will find a
    list of 800 numbers (and some toll) for various helpful organizations.

    Home Page:
    Welcome!  It’s the page you are on now.

    Create A Vision Board:
    On this page staff member, Lauren Quinn, guides you through the process of creating a
    vision board for all you wish to manifest into your life.

    About Us:
    Here you will find our story and our mission statement.  You will also find information about
    The Positive Shop.

    About Modern New Thought:
    What is New Thought?  Also, positive authors of interest.

    Customer Service:
    Read about our shipping procedures, return policy and other important customer service

    Contact Us:
    Here you will find our phone numbers and snail mail address.  There is also an email form
    for your convenience.  

    The Positive Shop:
    Visit our shop for exclusive and unique gift sets…many  delivered in our complimentary gift
    boxes with gift card.  All purchases include a wisdom card, except for sympathy gifts.   Send
    the distinctive gifts that are always delivered with wisdom.  Remember to treat yourself, too.  

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